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Deck Building, Design, Installation and Deck Repair

Adding a deck to your home can create more usable space and provide an outdoor living area that functions as a place to play and entertain. Decks, porches and screened in porches have always been a cost effective way to expand your living space without the cost of a full addition. They also have a charm and personality that helps you sit down and relax. What homeowner couldn't use a little more of that?

Outdoor structures
enhance your home

Outdoor structures like sunrooms, gazebos, storage shed, greenhouses, hot tub enclosures and studios also provide storage, functionality, add beauty and add value to your property. Happy homeowners have ample space for enjoying the beauty and functionality of a well build outdoor structure.

Building a Great deck is an ART Form

Creating decks that are safe, structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing is both and art and craft. The combination is what makes the addition of a deck a real home enhancement. If your family needs more usable outdoor space a deck, patio or porch could be just the thing. We make sure your deck is functional, beautiful and safe!

Decks built and repaired in Baltimore

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