Additions and Enclosures

Architect working with blueprints and model of the family house

Additions & Enclosures:

Club basements Garage enclosures, Basement game rooms, Home theatre rooms, home gyms, home offices – These are home improvements that add significant value and usability to your home can add more usable living space for your family while increasing the value of your home. Remodeling with an addition can make practical sense as well because they are less costly than moving or building a whole new house. Garage and porch enclosures can be integrated in to the look an feel of your home while giving you more valuable living space.

Remodeling Ideas

Is it time to create a home theatre, a new workout room or gym or get the office space you need to be super productive at home! Do you need a new office, larger kitchen, bath or bedroom? Could you family use a new den or family room? Is iRemodeling Ideast time to enclose that porch, garage or remodel the basement?

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